Jackie Slater has put in place services that will help young offensive lineman reach their goals, whether it be securing playing time, acquiring college scholarships, to having the type of quality professional career that you want, Jackie Slater can help you accomplish your goals!

Jackie is prepared to share the wealth of knowledge that he has acquired in twenty-nine consecutive years as a player including two decades as an NFL Hall of Fame player. “I feel that certain players can seize a definite advantage during training camp through these training sessions.”

The services provided include, technical teaching, problem solving, strategic planning, recourse technique, debriefing sessions and ongoing consultation for offensive linemen. “I believe that many offensive linemen are not learning the essential techniques needed to not only survive, but to thrive at the line of scrimmage.”

Playing along the offensive line involves much more than just being big and athletic. In fact, I believe that the quickest way for an offensive lineman to lose his job, and forfeit valuable playing time and future opportunities is to rely solely on his athletic ability.

In light of the reality that there is an atmosphere that lacks proven teaching of certain technical staples, it is no wonder that players are not playing as long as they would like nor are they having the success that their athletic ability warrants. The language of dominance, quality technical performance and longevity must be spoken often and taught with proven conviction.

Jackie wants to see young offensive linemen grow and have the kind of success that they desire. With the multitude of opportunities that exist for offensive linemen, it is very important that these young athletes seek and acquire the skills that will allow them to reach their goals. With playing time, college scholarships, and even professional football careers all within their reach, I encourage young linemen and their parents to start today getting ready for tomorrows challenges.

If you are a player that wants to have a definite mental and technical edge going into training camp and practices, Jackie Slater can get you ready for the unique challenges that lie ahead.


My mission is to help young offensive linemen grow and achieve desired success. To help the linemen achieve success, I will share a wealth of knowledge acquired during my twenty-nine years of playing football. I will facilitate a seminar where I teach the skills needed to play at any level of football. These skills are considered staples and cornerstones of the game.